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520BUCE’s Shipment Policies, DOA Questions and FAQ.


Q: What are the methods of payment accepted at this time?
A: We accept Cash, Debit (tap only), Credit Cards, Email Transfers.

Q: How are plants and livestock shipped and what about the winter weather or summer?
A: We ship all our plants and livestock carefully packed in double bags, or breather bags for larger quantities of livestock. We then wrap the bags in bubble wrap or a Styrofoam lined cardboard box filled with peanuts or foam to minimize shaking or shifting during transit. In the winter, we add a heat pack to help the shrimps brave the cold and summer we add an ice pack if needed. If the weather is deemed optimal, only stuffing to prevent excessive shifting during transit.

Q: What are your shipping times and period?
A: We ship livestock  Mondays and Tuesdays so they never have to sit at the courier depot over the weekend in the event of any delays.  The cut off time for orders to be shipped out the same week is Sunday 9PM EST. If we receive your order after 9AM EST on Tuesday,  your package will be shipped out the following Monday. Please contact us directly if you need to make special shipping arrangements (DOA policy may be affected due to special requests/requirements)

Q: What are the differences between the different shipping rates?

A: Refunds will be provided when cheaper shipping is available. These rates reflect livestock orders. Plant and Botanical orders are often half this. We currently have 4 rates for shipping: $30 Expedited, $45 Express, $60 Priority for the GTA and $30 Same Day Delivery for the Niagara Region.  Depending on the size, weight and distance traveled we may suggest different rates to ensure timely delivery. We reserve all rights to amend shipping costs as necessary per order reflecting the parcel’s size and weight. We will not reach out to you if no changes are necessary, but we will never ask you to upgrade without adequate reason. If still unsure, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Q: Do we get a tracking number with our orders?
A: Yes, of course! if you paid via Email-Transfer EMT, a tracking number will be emailed to you from our staff. It is your responsibility to check your Email for the tracking number and keep track of it. Always make sure and check your SPAM mail folder in case your email has filtered the email.

Q: Our package is late according to delivery standards, what happens?
A: For late packages, we credit you FREE shipping for your next order, not including any handling costs that is included in all of our standard orders. *Free shipping credit will be provided once approval has been given by the courier company. Shipping credits are not directly from 520buce and subjected to approval from the courier company. There is no monetary value to the shipping credit and there are NO refunds on shipping. Covid-19 has created issues meeting delivery standards.  So at this point we are unable to meet this expectation.


Q: What is your livestock guarantee when shipping? Covid-19 has created some limitations to these terms as delivery services are no longer guaranteeing times.
A: There are absolutely no refunds or substitutions for livestock. We offer several choices for shipping and guarantee live delivery accordingly. Below are our options. Please choose the best option for you based on our policies:

For our PRIORITY shipping option -  100% GUARANTEED on Livestock and Plants must be next day shipping. (all days are an estimated time for standard of delivery)

For our EXPRESS shipping option -  50% GUARANTEED on Plants must be within 3 days. (all days are an estimated time for standard of delivery)

For our EXPEDITED shipping option – THERE ARE NO DOA GUARANTEES. (all days are an estimated time for standard of delivery)

For our guarantee to be valid the buyer must receive delivery on the first delivery attempt.  Any packages left outside or picked up after the first delivery attempt will not be guaranteed, it is your responsibility to keep track of your package.

In addition:

1) Guarantee is void if shipping delay is buyers fault (ie. not tracking the package daily themselves, not being at home to receive the package)
2) DOA guarantees and shipping standard times are void if shipping is delayed by forces and events outside of our control.
3) DOA guarantees are voided if the buyer requests and or calls into the courier company for an address changes after the package has been shipped out.
4) Guarantee is void if package is refused or returned for any reason. Shipping costs will not be refunded in this case.

Should you receive any DOA livestock you MUST do the following for the guarantee to be honored:
1) Notify us within 2 hours of delivery confirmation.
2) Provide DOA pictures. Pictures must be taken in the original packaging with the bag unopened.

3) Tell us specifically what and how many was DOA with photo of the deceased bodies.

DOA CREDITS do not include shipping, only the DOA livestock will be credited to your account and replaced with your next order. There are no refunds or substitutions for DOAs. 

Q: What happens if my dry goods shipped via Standard Envelope Mail $5.20 option has not shown up after a few weeks?
A: Orders shipped with this shipping option have zero guarantees if the order goes missing or is delayed due to postal services. Because this option has no tracking and is chosen by the buyer themselves during checkout, all risks are assumed by the buyer and 520buce will have no responsibility to compensate lost packages in anyway.


Q: My friends and I would like to place a group order, how are the shipping costs determined?
A: For bulk and group orders please contact us directly at We will determine how to best package your order and give you an estimate based on weight and box size.


Q: What is your in-store livestock policy?
A: Should your livestock die in the bag on the way home within a reasonable time frame, please take a photo of the livestock in the bag and please send it to us via email or text. No substitutions.


Q: We ordered a package and placed the wrong address for shipping. What can we do?
A: It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure all addresses are correct for shipping and on all invoices and payments. Contact a 520buce agent as soon as possible if you have made an error.  520buce is not responsible for packages sent to the incorrect provided address. All DOA guarantees are void immediately if this happens.

In the even of ANY issues please CONTACT US FIRST. If you bypass this step and have the package rerouted through the courier the DOA policy is void. We do NOT accept returned packages.


Q: What is your refund or exchange policy?
A: There are no refunds for livestock online or in store purchases. Dry goods may be returned in their original, unopened packaging for store credit only within 1 week of purchase


If you are interested in retailing 520AfterDark Botanical please feel free to contact to us.
White label products also available.

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